Softball player and team profile templates

When attending college softball showcases you will need to have a team profile sheet, and each player should have a player profile sheet. Look, I don’t know that college coaches care, they just want to see everyone on one page so they can reference. They want to be able to find the name of #5 because she just hit a 250 foot homerun. If she likes what she saw/sees she will likely want to grab a player profile sheet.

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I’ve said it before in my list of Dos and Don’ts article, but hang them on the fence behind home plate, in a hanging folder, and move all of your parents out of the way. No one blocks the profile sheets. Then, give your recruiting liaison the team profile to give to coaches, they will grab individuals as needed. Doing this will also allow you to start having conversations with them later. I personally wouldn’t ask them right away whose profile they grabbed, but I would make sure they know I am there if they have a question.

I am including some templates below that might be helpful. By no means are these perfect but they can be helpful if you have never done them before.

Player Info Sheet – You can use this form to gather information from young ladies who are trying out for or joining your team, this form will become the basis for their profile sheet.

Softball Recruiting Player Profile Template – After you have the player info sheet completed by each player it’s a good idea to create individual profile sheets for them. I generally print 20 copies for each girl and if for any reason I run out while at the tournament, I will keep copies in a folder on Dropbox. Worse case, I can run to a UPS store and print more (it’s happened before)

I am going to include two different examples of a team profile but I would only use the one titled listview. The reason? On our team, players came and went regularly, changing the detailed one was a nightmare, while the list was pretty easy and then I could just reprint them. If you have zero turnover on your roster, I liked the detailed sheet and saw coaches make notes under the players information as they watched which was pretty awesome.

Softball Recruiting Team Profile Template (Detailed)

Softball Recruiting Team Profile Template (Listview)

Lastly, and this the most important, I am also including the template my daughter used when emailing coaches to let them know where she’d be playing. I highly recommend using Softball Bound to find the coaches you’d like to email at least 10 days before the event, even if you don’t know your schedule yet. Make sure they know you will be there, if they are, they will add you to the list of people they want to see.

Always include a link to your skills video and include your grades, ACT/SAT scores if you have them, and any other information that’s important for their school. Words between the carrots need to be changed, ie, «Travel_Team».

Email: «Email_Address»
Subject: «Player_Name» – «Tournament»

Coach «Coach»,

My name is «Player_Name», a junior at «High School» and the «Travel_Team» softball team in Los Angeles. I am touching base hoping you have a chance to see me play this weekend at the «Tournament» in Las Vegas December 27th. I am very interested in attending «College Name».

I have a skills video I would appreciate you watching.

I am starting my college preparation now and I will graduate in 2020. Athletically, I can play all 3 outfield positions but I am a 1st baseman. I am an Honors student who has maintained a 3.5 GPA with AP and Honors courses. I scored an accumulative 28 on my ACT and currently have not made plans to take the SAT.

I look forward to meeting you at «Tournament» and hope you find my skills, hustle, and tenacity to be something you need at «College» in the fall of 2020.

Thank you for your time,
#5 «High School» / «Travel_Team»

Father: «Father_Name»
Mother: «Mother_Name»
Phone: «Phone_Number»

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