AllTeamz Apps

Softball Bound

Softball Bound is our most popular app and consistently ranks in the top 5 of paid sports apps. Every NCAA and NAIA college with a softball program in your pocket

Baseball Bound

Baseball Bound is our newest app and consistently ranks in the top 5 of paid sports apps too. Every NCAA and NAIA college with a baseball program in your pocket

What's Next?

We would really like to provide Soccer, Lacrosse, ESports, Basketball, Football. Let us know via Facebook the sport we should tackle next.

What is in YOUR apps?

Education First

Know the important details; Size of school, graduation rates, percentage of freshman returning, average salary after graduation, and more. Can you get in? Know the average GPA and test scores (SAT, ACT) for each school. Financial aid information to help understand the true cost of attendance.

Coach Information

Includes all NCAA and NAIA colleges with softball or baseball teams. Real-time notifications when coaches information changes

Customized for the Users

Create a favorites list to manage your personal recruiting process. Access direct links in the app to school and softball team websites.

About us

We are two parents, Scott Goodspeed and Ryan Taylor. We have six daughters between us and coached them in softball and basketball when they were younger. We started a team directory service (the original AllTeamz site) to provide a service we wished we had. That was 2013. In 2016, we built a top 20 paid sports app, Softball Bound, available in the app stores. We started to see parents, players, and coaches leave positive feedback everywhere asking for other sports. We then started to think softball parents are sometimes baseball parents. As a result, Baseball Bound launched in May of 2020.

Support a couple of parents, coaches, and knuckleheads, running a small business that HELPS your child own their recruiting process.