Which positions are recruited first in college softball

Coach question from the Softball Bound community.

What positions are hardest to recruit? What positions do you go after first?

Pitcher & Catchers are the hardest to recruit for me because of the specific skill set needed. I try to lock down my pitchers and shortstops first and then build my recruiting class around them.
Katie Sinclair – Coach at Houghton College, a Division 3 school located in Houghton, NY

“The hardest positions to recruit are pitcher and SS. Finding top level middle infielders is really difficult and finding pitchers is also very tough.

We try to recruit one pitcher, one catcher, one middle infielder and one outfielder each year. No specific order to that process, just try to build a team with these positions in mind each year.”
Randy Simkins – Coach at Dixie State University, a Division 2 school in St. George, UT
Dixie State University is is set to host the Trailblazer Pitching Clinic (September 28) and its annual Elite Camp (September 29), details here! 

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