Save an athlete from the heat

You can also use these towels from Softball is for Girls

When I was a kid, I played baseball as much as kids do now — tournament baseball with six games on the weekend. Summers in Arkansas were tortured with the heat during the day and again at night when the mosquitoes would make you think it was raining as you drove through the country towns to your next game.

I played with a guy named something Scroggins (I don’t remember exactly, but I think that’s it). He was a pitcher. That’s pretty much all I remember him doing. He wasn’t particularly significant, but his mom was. She’d bring a cooler during those miserable summer games and set it in our dugout. What lay in that cooler might as well have been Slurpees because it was what we all needed to beat the heat. As an adult, a coach, and a player even, I remembered that cooler with the fondest of memories, never really knowing what was in there that was so refreshing. Well, after some research, I found the recipe. If you want to keep your kid fresh and feeling amazing when it’s 100+ degrees outside, let me introduce you to Florida Water.


Ammonia spirits, water, ice, washcloths, are all it takes to make the summer heat tolerable. You should buy this stuff now because once the secret is out, you are going to have a hard time finding them once the heat hits.

Fill a bucket 1/2 full of ice, pour 3/4 bottle of “spirits of ammonia” into the cooler for each gallon, fill the rest of the cooler with water, and mix. Place washcloths into the cooler and stir around a couple of times.


When a player comes off the field and into the dugout area, pick up a washcloth, wring out the excess and then wipe down arms, face (DON’T suck on washcloth), neck (front and back), shoulders, chest, etc. It really is effective while held on the back of the neck, especially for catchers and pitchers. Believe me when I say everyone will benefit. Don’t inhale to a great degree, only mildly. Do this between innings and the next day, the team will be begging for it.

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